Welcome to hijabholicanism. I'm Yulia Rahayu, the girl behind the blog. I own hijabholicanism, a personal fashion hijab blog which stands to motivates the girls out there to stay modest, independent, and creative.

A little about me and the blog.

THE GIRL (me!)

I was born in July 1984, married in November 2011, and have one little boy who was born one year later after my marriage.

I started wearing hijab in 2011, about a month before I created this blog.


Hijabholicanism is a place for my creation and inspiration. In the beginning when this blog was created, you will see a bunch of my daily outfit postsNow, 4 years later, this blog has made my interest grew into something else, not just about fashion. You will see some of my DIY posts, hijab tutorial, and I also share what I know about photography, in hope that it will help those who need them.

Bare in mind, I never think of myself as an inspiration. So if you think I wore wrongly, don't ever follow how I dressed as I realize myself is still far away from perfection. So let's learn together, let's share together, let's discuss together, and Let's be friend!

I hope this blog will bring you enjoyment as much i enjoyed posting it. For questions, partnership, or endorsement, please contact me at hijabholicanism@gmail.com 

Happy reading!