We were finally back to this place again (read here) but rain literally ruined my fun imagination about how fun it would be to watch Noah and his dad playing in the farm house, running inside the labyrinth, and playing with some animals. But reality didn't always match my expectation. I thought rain would fell a lil bit nicer but Allah have His own plan, and He is the best planner. He made rain became much harder and harder, we couldn't stay there any longer.



I know you want an eye-catching makeup organizer to be displayed on your makeup desk. And I know you want those acrylic organizer to make your dressing room become much prettier. And I know, some of you (including me) is holding yourself from buying it because of the price. As far I know, its expensive. The smallest one cost 100k (in rupiah) and it only for 9 lipstick. I wish I could make it but since I don't have any tools to make it, so why not using the available one. Probably from your kid toys? Bueheehee



Fashion trends never stay at a same place for so long, it always moves in circle, rotating like how earth rotates on its axis. They keep walking in queue, waiting for the time to be on top again because they know their golden era will come again, just like flower that shriveled and blooms by itself.

What I love from the current trends is that it's all about comfort and minimalist. Its no longer dominated by a bunch of inconvenience weird stuffs such as leather pants, 15cm victoria Beckham heels, and other girly and feminine things. I mean, of course feminine isn't a trend, its character.... A delicate and lovable character that needs pretty things to accentuate its identity. I'm not saying that I don't like to look feminine anymore. I still love high heeled shoes, flowery dress, and pinky things, but being a mother forced me to choose anything for comfort, so that's why nowadays I found myself wearing more sneaker than heels.



I can't even believe in myself that I finally hit the publish button and posting my bare face for the world to see. It feels, somewhat, so relieving that I finally break the huge wall of insecurity that I felt all this time. As someone whose 'thing' for so long has been about 'appearance', so this kind of post maybe way too weird, and, probably will make people questioned my reason, and, my reason is simple; I just want to be free by let myself out from the stream, even just for once.



Meeting up with some old friends who knew your old self so well made you realize how big alteration you've made so far. Every time I bump into some old friend in the street or mall, they always gave me a same expression,

"Wow! You changed a lot!"

Of course I am. I'm not that 15 years old girl who love to put backstreet boys poster on her bedroom wall anymore, I'm older now. But that apparently wasn't the reason. They said those words while shockingly gazed at how I looks. It was my appearance that made them unbelievably surprised.